Build and Grow Your Microsoft Cloud Business


Microsoft is part of the Tech Data Digital Cloud Practice Builder. A business transformation journey, where you will learn about the tools and resources available to start your cloud practice. You can provide these resources to relevant sales or technical teams, to be able to leverage Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunities.

We have 4 Digital Enablement Paths for Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Each enablement path has a number of sprints that have been developed to support you at every stage of your journey, to successfully launching a profitable Microsoft Cloud business practice.

Each sprint is made up of a range of smaller training assets, that we anticipate you navigate through over 6 - 10 weeks.

During this time, you will develop a working understanding of the tools you will need to start your portfolio and discover the resources that will help you grow and educate your internal teams and customers.

CSP Kickstart

Develop a deeper understanding of Tech Data's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and get started building a profitable Microsoft-based cloud practice.

  • Sprint 1: Get Started with CSP
  • Sprint 2: Prepare for Transaction One.

Microsoft Azure

Launch a profitable Azure practice in 90 days or fewer! In your Azure Enablement Path, you will be assigned a dedicated program manager who can help you access step-by-step guides, exclusive trainings, and lucrative partner incentives to transform your cloud practice. Within weeks, you'll be prepared to stand up a profitable Azure practice with entry-level workloads.

  • Sprint 1: Start your Microsoft Azure Journey
  • Sprint 2: Microsoft Azure Training
  • Sprint 3: Discover Microsoft Azure Opportunities
  • Sprint 4: Kick Off Your Microsoft Azure Practice!

Microsoft 365

Close your first Microsoft 365 deal! On the Microsoft 365 Activate Path, you will learn how to provide your customers with the productivity and collaboration benefits, the Advanced Security capabilities and the ability to modernize their workplaces.

  • Sprint 1: Learn about Microsoft 365
  • Sprint 2: Develop Your Opportunities
  • Sprint 3: Close the Deal & Opportunity

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Start growing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice within weeks. In your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enablement Path, you'll receive one-on-one support from a knowledgeable Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist, access to exclusive sales content and on-demand trainings to help you build a profitable Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice.

  • Sprint 1: Business Development
  • Sprint 2: Sharpen Your Sales Pitch
  • Sprint 3: Increase Your Technical Knowledge
  • Sprint 4: Go To Market

Transform your Microsoft Cloud business with Tech Data

The Cloud Practice Builder Digital Enablement Path for Microsoft is available for either Business owners, or Sales, Marketing and Technical teams.
Choose the right one for you below.

For Business Owners

Understand your business’s readiness to transform and embrace digital transformation and next generation technologies with Tech Data Practice Builder. You will receive an email confirmation of the results and access the Digital Enablement Path for Microsoft Enablement.

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For Sales/Marketing/Technical

Existing Microsoft Business Partners can access the Microsoft Enablement Path for CSP, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the Tech Data learning platform, the Tech Data Channel Academy (TDCA).

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Sales/Marketing/Technical – existing user of TDCA

Existing Microsoft Business Partners that already have a user account on Tech Data learning platform, Tech Data Channel Academy (TDCA) can access the Microsoft Enablement Path for CSP, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365

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