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Right now Tech Data has two cloud platforms which are tailored for different customer needs.  These two platforms will be harmonised and enhanced in the near future but for now, here is a summary to help you choose which platform is right for you. 


StreamOne Cloud Marketplace (SCM)

StreamOne Enterprise Solutions (SES)

I want a platform that simplifies and speeds up cloud transactions; and is much faster than dealing with individual vendor processes

I want to be able to resell multi-cloud SaaS in monthly or annual subscriptions; managing those on behalf of my end user

I want to be able to resell complex multi-cloud IaaS and PaaS and offer my end user self-service access for real time provisioning, reporting, and management of consumption down to a departmental level

I want to be able to quickly and easily learn about, buy and manage cloud services

I want to be able to quickly and easily launch online customer facing marketplaces

I want access to pre-bundled hybrid solutions to help get me started on more complex cloud solutions

Automated billing is very important to me

At this time I have no need for an on-line customer facing marketplace

I want to predominantly serve mid-market and enterprise customers

I want to predominantly serve SMB customers

I want to offer my own solutions on top of IaaS


SCM Key Features

SES Key Features

Easy to learn about products with content rich product listings 

Brings consistency of management across all IaaS vendors

Easy to quote and order products via customer admin tool or Digital locker

Interactive dashboard for fast generation of analytics and reporting, which is easy to understand and translate into customer and departmental billing

Easy to manage subscriptions; add, amend, delete

Launch as many online customer facing marketplaces as you need in real time for your end user customers without additional charge


Easy to manage cost and sales price in a single view

Easy to price and bill with manual billing

Create end user invoices from the platform down to a departmental level with your own specific margins, and choose your own billing time line

Multi-currency platform with exchange rate support



Automated price books- set and forget

Cross selling and up selling with intuitive add-ons shown with your shopping cart such as services and training

Cross sell and up sell your own services to drive additional IaaS consumption


Launch your own products, services or solutions with unique plans and billing cycles

Fast automated licence delivery and management with vendor APIs

Streamline your back end processes with partner APIs

 Free of charge

Enterprise Solutions

€200 per month up to agreed revenue threshold


Premium (launch your own products)

2% of revenue between 0 and €40,000

2.5% of revenue €40,000+

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