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The Best Collaboration Suite for Your Customers. Open new markets and win new customers with G Suite and Tech Data


G Suite: Work Reimagined

Gain better insights as to how G Suite can transform the way work is done and accelerate your customers’ digital transformation, with a light-hearted example of its capabilities and collaboration abilities.

Make your business stand out against competitors and take advantage of both new and returning customers and revenue streams. Increase business and maximise productivity by providing your customers G Suite. This gives cloud workers the freedom to harness the agility of cloud-based tools and services safely and without dependence on a single device, promising ultimate performance, security and ease of use.

Why Tech Data for G Suite?

Diversify Your Cloud Portfolio

G Suite is a cloud-based productivity solution for the modern workplace. Enable your customers to work from anywhere at any time. As the market continues to transition to cloud, ensure you and your customers are staying ahead of the curve.

The Future of Collaboration

G Suite's collaboration tools are second to none. Gone are the days of waiting for files to be sent back and forth. Teams can now work on documents together in real time  with the ability to make comments, edits, suggestions, and more.

Increase Profitability

Tech Data helps you quickly go to market with minimal requirements to begin selling G Suite. 

Partnering with Tech Data

Partnering with Tech Data and Google G Suite presents a unique opportunity to differentiate your business and open up new revenue streams. You can grow your business by capitalising on opportunities to win net new customers in new markets.

We’ve made selling G Suite as easy as using it!

With a 45 year track record of collaborating with vendors, connecting with resellers and creating successful marketing and sales campaigns, Tech Data is the ideal partner to bring Google G suite to market with you. We offer a range of technical and business support services. Tech Data helps you quickly go to market with minimal requirements to begin selling G Suite.

Reselling G Suite with Tech Data

Review our playbook to understand how G Suite can transform your customer's business and how Tech Data can help.

Identify cloud opportunities with G Suite

Offering, selling and using G-Suite is the perfect proposition to help you open up new markets and win new customers. Check to see if you have customers with any of the following business issues:

  • Geographically dispersed employees needing to communicate and collaborate
  • Collaborating and communicating with the many and various stakeholders is business critical but currently difficult
  • Technology is not their speciality, and they need to simplify their IT efforts
  • Existing Enterprise Agreements with their current technology provider is ending
  • They want to move large sections of their application portfolio into the cloud
  • They are facing strong competition and want to make decisions and innovate faster

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