The Voice of O365


Economize on phone bills by using Microsoft Teams to make calls to landline and mobile telephone numbers.  The Voice of O365 adds PSTN access to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions, so organizations can make and receive telephone calls with existing Teams licenses. This gives them the functionality of a standard PBX or hosted voice/telephony service. By adding Voice of O365, users add basic call control functions, such as making and receiving calls, internal or external call transfers (blind or supervised), call hold, etc. This removes the need to pay for a separate PBX solution.

Key highlights of The Voice of O365:  

  • Make the most of Office 365 
    Extend the already wide range of services provided by Microsoft 365 | Office 365 by making and receiving phone calls just like with a standard phone service.
  • One solution
    Use one solution for communication by adding telephony, chat, and video conferencing to an organisation's tool set
  • Keep your number
    Continue using existing phone numbers (telco agreement) to save on informing clients and updating resources.
  • Across many devices
    The Voice of O365 can be used with mobile devices, on laptops and PCs and many IP phones/headsets designed (certified) to work with Microsoft Teams.       


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